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The Obvious Expert is the only place you can come to learn the secrets and strategies of: BRANDING U NOW.

BRANDING U NOW is the critical step every consultant, coach, entrepreneur and businessperson must take in order to differentiate him or herself from the competition; it is also the acronym for the twelve strategies (and the related sub-strategies) essential for creating a powerful, memorable, and irresistible brand. The Obvious Expert Blog shares the news, insights, tactics, and educational information you need to turbocharge your consulting or coaching business NOW.

Most businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and sole practitioners do not have the time or money to invest in slow-growth, experimental business models. You need simple, do-able solutions of the ‘just-add-water and ready-to-serve style’ designed to produce results.

You need solutions for advertising, marketing, and business-building that are low cost, or no cost; effective plans you can implement without hiring a team of specialists or working around someone else’s schedule. …Because in order for your dreams to turn into your reality, you need to become the irrefutable (and irresistible) Obvious Expert in your field, NOW.

Who Are the Obvious Experts?

The Obvious Expert, first edition, includes the wisdom of 189 Obvious Expert Advisors. But the heart, soul, and ongoing insights and knowledge of The Obvious Expert are the core messages of two proven business marketing experts: Elsom Eldridge Jr. and Mark L. Eldridge

Two Eldridges = Two Experts

Elsom and Mark bring unique experience and valuable insights to the books, websites, workshops, and other teaching materials of The Obvious Expert, each drawing from different niches in the business world. But despite all the territory they have already covered and all the skills already mastered, they are your fellow travelers on the journey, always learning, always embracing new areas of knowledge, always deepening their expertise and understanding …  and always sharing with you.

Elsom Eldridge Jr.Elsom Eldridge Jr., EdM Harvard University, CPC, CPMC, is widely regarded as The Consultant’s Consultant. He is the Executive Director of the Centerpoint Foundation International, Inc.; the Chairman of the Board of Obvious Expert; and the Convention Director for the National Guild of Hypnotists.

In addition to co-authoring The Obvious Expert, Elsom is the author of numerous industry-defining texts, including The Consulting Encyclopedia (co-authored with Howard Shenson) and of Maximum Success in the Consulting Business, (co-authored with Dan Kennedy).

Elsom brings you the message of consulting success in ways that are both tried-and-true and cutting edge, but always in ways that anyone, no matter how small the business or practice, can easily and affordably use to help define themselves as an Obvious Expert in their market.

You can find Elsom at: Twitter LinkedIn Plaxo Facebook MySpace


Mark L. Eldridge CPC, CPMC, is the Chairman and founder of NetRevMedia Corp; the Co-founder of Obvious Expert LLC, founder at MasterMind Publishing, LLC; the Co-founder and Chairman of SMTN (an INC 5000 company); Founder of MasterMind Publishing & Consulting, LLC; and a Platinum Executive Director at Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

Co-author of The Obvious Expert, Mark is a master builder of sales organizations and a featured speaker nationwide, sharing his expertise in branding, seminar leadership, business start-up and development, public speaking, internet marketing, offline marketing, promotion, teleseminars, and research and course development.

You can find Mark at: Twitter LinkedIn



Spanning two decades, the Eldridges have produced over 10,000 seminars, boot camps, and conventions, attracting more than a million participants.

In a world of business marketing information that has become so vast and ever-expanding, no two people share the same skill set or body of knowledge. But you can exponentially increase your own understanding by learning from the experiences of others.

The Eldridges and 189 other Obvious Experts invite you to join them on the journey to more visibility, more distinction, more clients, more opportunities, and more income become an Obvious Expert.

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